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DI03 - Mastering the key issues arising under French employment regulations

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  • To convey the key areas of French employment law that can have a significant economic or organizational
    impact on the business
  • To understand the stakes in terms of executive liability


1. Essential aspects of individual employee management
- Complying with recruitment-related requirements
- Entering into an employment contract :
   - characteristics: rights and obligations
   - main types and differences from other contracts
- Managing the employment relationship (working time, leave, etc.)
- Making changes in the employment relationship

2. Effects of headcount thresholds
- Understanding the relevant headcount thresholds and their implications

3. Compensation
- Knowing the essential rules in the area of compensation
- Distinguishing between the various forms of compensation :
   - individual
   - profit sharing
   - incentive plans
   - company savings plans
- Social security contributions/payroll taxes

4. Staff representatives
- Distinguishing between the various bodies and their respective missions:
   - staff delegates
   - works council
   - union delegates
   - oh&s committee
   - etc.
- Handling social dialogue à la française
- Understanding the protection applicable to staff representatives

5. Terminations
- Knowing the main ways of terminating the employment contract:
   - dismissal for personal reasons
   - dismissal for economic reasons
   - negotiated termination
   - constructive dismissal
   - resignation
- Measuring the costs and risks
- Mitigating risks through settlement agreement

6. Executives' exposure to criminal liability
- Understanding the extent of liability
- Guarding against criminal liability risks

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