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DI04 - Steering restructuring operations in France - Employment law aspects

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  • To provide operational employment law knowledge to HR Directors and executives of foreign companies contemplating restructuring operations in France


1. Introduction: impact of employment law of a restructuring operation

2. Points to be identified before undertaking a restructuring operation
- Mapping of staff representative bodies
- Level of consultation of staff representatives (national, European, group) and procedural timelines
- Workforce affected by the restructuring
CASE STUDY : interactive preparation of the list of items to be checked

3. Different types of restructuring
a) Restructurings to improve competitiveness
b) restructurings to deal with a downtown or crisis situation
- The concept of ??economic reasons?
- The broad lines of the procedure
- What is an Employment Protection Plan?
- The role of the Labor Administration
- Focal points :
   - Controlling the timeframes
   - Associated costs and risks
   -Managing protected employees
c) Role of staff representatives: consultation and expert appraisals

4. Practical steering of the restructuring
- The group's involvement in the decision-making process and the co-employment issue
- Strategy vis-à-vis staff representatives
- Relations with the Labor Administration and local administrations
CASE STUDY CASE STUDY : based on a simulated situation, you will try to ask the right questions to ensure a successful restructuring

5. Terminations
- Knowing the main ways of terminating the employment contract:
   - Dismissal for personal reasons
   - Dismissal for economic reasons
   - Negotiated termination
   - Constructive dismissal
   - Resignation
- Measuring the costs and risks
- Mitigating risks through settlement agreement

6. Executives' exposure to criminal liability
- Understanding the extent of liability
- Guarding against criminal liability risks

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